Why Is It That Facebook Is So Disheartening to Everyone Else?

A lot of people are saying it, and they’re right.Facebook has a problem.People are tired of the company.They’re tired of having their data and their opinions used in ads.They want it to stop.And they’re sick of the corporate media’s incessant negativity.A lot is going to change in the next few months, if Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is serious about fixing […]

How to Optimize Your Content to Improve CTR and Engagement

How to optimize your content to improve CTR and engagement is one of the most important tasks you can undertake as a content marketing professional.Content marketing experts recommend that you: Create content that delivers on its intended audience’s expectation.Make sure to include relevant information and images in the headline, body and footer of your content.Create an engaging, engaging, and informative […]

How to market your online business

Singaporean internet marketing agency K-Lab, a division of the internet marketing and technology firm Ookla, has created a free service to help entrepreneurs create and manage a website that can boost sales and traffic to their business.The service, called Ookl, has been developed by K-Labs and is available in both English and Mandarin, according to the company.K-labs was founded in […]

Online video company to make $100M in advertising contract, good internet marketing

The online video company called GoDaddy announced Tuesday that it will make $80 million in a $1.6 billion deal to market its own online video service.The $1 billion deal includes a one-time payment of $75 million for an initial public offering.GoDaddy also plans to sell advertising and sponsorship rights to the video service, which would allow the company to rake […]

How to boost your traffic by marketing to millennials

For most marketers, millennials are a difficult target.The millennial generation has the potential to disrupt the business of many companies and the ability to radically change the way that consumers buy and use products and services.But the challenge facing marketers today is finding ways to reach this segment while keeping millennials satisfied and engaged.For this reason, marketers have a tough […]

Google is launching an ad network in India: News

Google is launching a digital marketing agency called Philippines Internet Marketing (PHIM), which it plans to use for digital advertising campaigns in India.The company has a 30-day window to apply for the job, which involves getting a contract for one of its employees to work on a project in India, and then the project must be completed within three months. “We […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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