New Australian rules set to make it harder to access online content

Posted September 15, 2018 08:01:03 New rules set for the internet will mean it’s harder for Australian internet users to access content online.Key points:Under new rules, Australians will be required to pay a small surcharge to access websites, blogs, mobile apps and video sites without a licenceThe changes, which were announced by the Communications Minister, Scott Emerson, will also make […]

Trump and the Trump Admin: How to Save the Internet

President Donald Trump and his White House are scrambling to make a difference on the internet, and one of the first tasks will be ensuring that government officials and lawmakers can continue to access and share content without having to worry about government interference. It’s a job that the new Trump Administration is putting its considerable resources into.But the challenge of […]

Can You Buy An Internet Marketing Agency?

The internet is changing the way business owners and entrepreneurs think about their marketing.And it’s creating a whole new class of internet marketers.But the internet is also changing the ways businesses and individuals are paying for their marketing efforts.That’s where the internet marketing agency business comes in.The internet is now offering an unprecedented array of online marketing tools that allow […]

How to market a website without a drop ship

The word drop ship is a word that was invented by the English writer William Shakespeare, and is often used to describe the ship that delivers packages on a sailing ship. The word is used as an adjective to describe any vessel that carries mail or packages. When it comes to advertising, it has a certain kind of resonance for companies, which […]

Which companies are spending more in 2016?

A few days ago, one of my colleagues tweeted out a chart from research firm eMarketer which compared the number of paid searches performed in the US to the number performed in other countries in 2016.The chart showed a clear pattern: Google searches are increasing faster in the United States than they are elsewhere, but that trend is slowing down […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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