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Australia has no net zero net neutrality law, says Turnbull

Australia has no net zero net neutrality law, says Turnbull

By Mike WendlingKey points:Australia has no Net Zero Net Neutrality law, but it has a proposal to impose an exemption for online advertisingSource: Fairfax MediaThis week’s national broadband policy update provides a broad outline of what Australia’s national policy is about.

This week, the Coalition said it was reviewing the national broadband network as a “new model of the future”.

“We need a national broadband system that allows Australia to innovate and be a global leader in the digital economy, in an environment of rising broadband prices, slower internet speeds and slower access to services,” it said in a statement.

The Coalition said its NBN policy would not be a replacement for the NBN.

“We have always said that the NBN must remain the NBN,” the Coalition statement said.

“The Coalition has set out to put in place a national network for the 21st century that provides an investment-friendly, reliable and affordable network that works for everyone, everywhere.”

What is net neutrality?

The term net neutrality refers to the principle that all online traffic should be treated equally and equally, without discrimination.

Net neutrality is a principle that internet service providers should treat all online content equally and fairly.

Net Neutrality advocates have argued that this prevents the ISPs from blocking or slowing internet traffic, and has the potential to make the internet more affordable and reliable for Australians.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is the Government’s national internet policy and has been under review for nearly a year.

The NBN’s primary focus is to deliver a national fibre-optic network that will be capable of providing a fast, reliable, and affordable internet service to Australians.

It is a joint venture between the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA).

The Coalition announced in February that it would be updating its policy to remove the requirement for an exemption from net neutrality rules for online content.

The Government said it wanted to review the national network in a more cost-efficient way and would not have the power to remove net neutrality from the NBN policy.

In an open letter to members of the Communications, Industry and Resources Committee on Monday, Communications Minister Turnbull said the Coalition was committed to protecting net neutrality.

“It is our strong belief that the internet should be a free and open marketplace for innovation, creativity and creativity, that all Australians should be able to access the internet, and that all should have access to the internet in a way that enables them to live their lives,” Turnbull wrote.

“Net neutrality means the internet can be a place where we all can make a contribution to the economy, where we can all have access.

This is a key part of the Australian economy, and it is essential that we continue to support the digital transition and the future of our nation.”

The Government also released the first draft of its policy.

“As part of our review of the NBN, we will be examining the implementation of net neutrality to ensure that the existing NBN remains the best system for Australians,” the statement said, adding that the policy would be open for public comment.

“If you have a suggestion on how we can improve the current NBN, please contact us at [email protected]

The Coalition was also considering the introduction of an NBN-specific service tax that would provide an incentive for consumers to switch from their existing NBN services to a NBN service with an online billing model.

The move was supported by the Australian Federal Police and the National Broadbands Council, which said it would encourage consumers to opt for an NBN service over their existing home phone service.

The Federal Government’s policy is currently under review, but will be published in a few months time.

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