Google is launching an ad network in India: News

Google is launching an ad network in India: News

Google is launching a digital marketing agency called Philippines Internet Marketing (PHIM), which it plans to use for digital advertising campaigns in India.

The company has a 30-day window to apply for the job, which involves getting a contract for one of its employees to work on a project in India, and then the project must be completed within three months. 

“We are planning to launch PHIM’s first ad campaign in the country,” said Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. 

This is a first for the Google ad platform, as it does not have any official contracts with any companies.

It is also the first such project launched in India by a Google advertiser.

“This project is designed to provide us with a quick start to our efforts to grow our advertising ecosystem in India,” said Pich, who is also a former Google executive.

The hiring of Philippine-based Phim was part of the company’s recent drive to expand its ad presence in India and in Asia.

The company, founded in 2017, aims to create “a platform to drive advertising in India with the promise of being the first online ad platform that does not require a license to advertise in India.”

Pichai’s announcement comes as Google and Facebook are facing growing competition in the Indian market.

The two giants have been investing heavily in India in the last few years, in part to increase their reach and in part because of the country’s low transaction fees.

The two giants, for example, have spent $2 billion on advertising and have also launched a digital media group, Advertisers India.

Google and Facebook have also invested in startups like Flipkart and Snapdeal in India to expand their reach.

Pichy has said that the aim of the PHIM agency is to create a global digital advertising agency that can help advertisers reach customers across the globe and serve their brand value in a meaningful way. 

In India, Philippinos ad agency is aiming to reach out to businesses and brands in a range of sectors including tourism, retail, real estate, travel, logistics, healthcare and manufacturing.

“We will also create a platform to offer a platform that is scalable for our business and scale to meet the global needs of advertisers, consumers and businesses,” said Philippino.

The team will also work on marketing and sales campaigns, Pichay added.

In addition to the Philippinian team, the company will also have an online marketing agency in Singapore, which it will use for the Indian project.

The Philippinas project is the latest in a long list of Google and Google India investments in India that have helped it reach a larger audience in the region.

Earlier this year, Google India announced the purchase of Flipkampity, a startup that provides ad solutions for mobile advertising in the world’s second-most populous country.

In 2017, Google launched a new platform for advertisers, the Google Search Platform, and a Google-owned ad tech company, Adsense, announced the launch of Adsense India, a service that will help advertisers monetize online ads in India through its own ad platform.

The Google AdSense India team, as well as AdSense partners, has also partnered with local publishers, media companies and e-commerce platforms to reach Indian audiences.

Google recently launched a global data-driven campaign targeting Indian consumers, including digital content creators, in a bid to grow its advertising network in the market.

Earlier, Google’s global advertising platform, AdWords, had launched in the US, India, China, Brazil and many other countries.

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