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‘Google’s internet ads are terrible’: Why the world’s largest internet market is dying

‘Google’s internet ads are terrible’: Why the world’s largest internet market is dying

The internet has been the biggest consumer of advertising money since the internet came into being.

Now the web is shrinking, and the companies that own it are increasingly turning their attention to the offline world.

That’s not to say we haven’t seen the rise of other internet advertising platforms, such as social media and direct marketing.

But in the world of online advertising, the most important internet market has gone online.

The internet is the place where advertisers can create a story and a message.

And in many cases, this is how most businesses do it.

For example, a brand that’s trying to attract customers on Facebook can use a mobile ad campaign to try and convince them to buy their goods online.

This type of online content has been hugely successful in the US, where consumers spend more than $5bn on advertising each year.

That means a brand could generate more than twice the advertising revenue from one Facebook ad than it would from all the advertising that would normally be sold in an online store.

But it’s not all good news.

In the US alone, about 40% of advertising revenue is now generated by social media platforms.

This is a big part of the reason that the US still lags behind most of its European peers in terms of digital advertising revenue.

And there are some signs that the growth of social media has slowed.

Last year, Facebook saw its ad revenue grow by nearly 6%, while Instagram saw its revenue drop by nearly 10%.

And according to research firm Gartner, Facebook has overtaken Google as the world leader in the number of paid-for digital ads it delivers.

The problem is that the internet is not a perfect medium for making money.

The big advertising firms that dominate it have been trying to improve it for years, but the problem is not just one of size.

The growth of online social media, and other platforms that have emerged as a result, has been driven by people who want to see their content reach a wider audience, and a more diverse audience, says David Schmid, head of research at Gartners.

These are people who use different kinds of platforms.

It’s not necessarily a big audience of people with different interests.

They are trying to connect with more people.

But they’re not necessarily going to be able to reach that audience.

They need to be targeting the right people to achieve those results, Schmid says.

“There is a lot of opportunity for the brands who are building these brands to have a much more nuanced understanding of what they want to achieve in terms on their target audiences,” he says.

What’s more, this kind of content can be tailored to different audiences, with different preferences, needs and interests.

It can even be personalized, which can allow brands to target the right audiences to reach more people with their content.

In short, online advertising has not been perfect.

But, in a world where there are so many different ways to deliver content, it has become increasingly important for companies to understand the content they are going to need to deliver.

This can help companies decide which products to deliver and how they’re going to reach people, according to Chris Taylor, the CEO of the online marketing company The Brand Hub.

“If you look at Facebook’s social network, it is very easy to identify people that are likely to have certain interests or that are going for certain kinds of content.

You can look at the people that buy their products online, or people who are active on the social media site and the people who click through on ads, it’s very easy for them to identify a certain kind of consumer that’s going to benefit from that,” he said.

“So you can use social media as an opportunity to target specific groups of people, for example, women who are looking for a home or a car or women that are looking to get pregnant.”

The challenge for brands is that many of the content platforms that offer this kind to users are also offering content that is very targeted to specific audiences.

This kind of targeting can be very useful, but it’s also risky.

The content that gets delivered is subject to user choice, which means that a brand can get some value out of a product that’s not quite right for them, says Taylor.

“We’ve been really lucky with Facebook in that we’ve had a lot more of the right kind of brands in the right places who understand that we need to reach our audiences differently and that we have different preferences and different goals and different needs than those who are not necessarily on Facebook,” he added.

“But that’s something we have to continue to develop and try and improve.”

The future of the internet and the rise in online advertising The internet was supposed to be a better way of delivering online content than the phone.

But as mobile technology has become more ubiquitous, so has the possibility of it being used to deliver the same kind of ads as on the phone, says John Cappuccio, an associate professor

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