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How to build a Gdi online marketing platform

How to build a Gdi online marketing platform

Three of the top online marketing companies have announced plans to announce a GDI summit this week, as they look to attract more top-level talent.

The two companies that have made the announcement so far are Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), a $1.5bn-a-year global leader in online advertising, and Gdi, which is an independent, for-profit online platform for people looking to connect with brands online.

Digital Marketing Institute is expected to announce that it will hold a summit in the United Kingdom on Wednesday.

Gdi has announced that it is going to launch a global summit on digital marketing in January next year.

Both Digital Marketing Institutes have been doing a lot of work to expand their network of top-tier talent.

Gdi has hired some of the biggest names in the industry to be its speakers.

On Monday, Digital Marketing International, a company that makes a range of digital marketing tools, will announce it will be holding a summit to launch its GDI network, according to the company. 

Digital Marketing International also has plans to invite the likes of former GDI CEO Joe Fogg, former Digital Marketing Director John Erskine, and former GDA Executive Director Mark Fagan, to the event. 

“The event will be a platform for the most talented people in the market to get together and share their knowledge, expertise, and strategies,” the company said in a statement.

“The summit will help to promote the GDI vision and to further strengthen the digital advertising ecosystem.”

Gdi is also expected to be holding its own GDI Summit in late January next week. 

GDI, which was founded in 2010, has been trying to grow its network of experienced executives since its launch.

Last year, GDI hired a new Chief Digital Officer, as it took on a much more top to bottom approach to its business.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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