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Microsoft, Google and other tech giants agree to open up Google to third-party developers

Microsoft, Google and other tech giants agree to open up Google to third-party developers

Wired – Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and others on Thursday signed an agreement to open the software giant’s search, advertising and content to third parties for the first time.

Under the terms of the agreement, Google will be free to make new ads and other content for its services on its websites, apps, and YouTube videos, as well as integrate with third-parties that offer similar services.

Google also will be allowed to integrate its search and advertising services with third parties that offer other services, such as video and audio editing and translation.

Google and the other tech companies, which include Apple, Facebook and Twitter, will be permitted to offer similar products and services to Google’s users for a limited time.

In return for this access, Google must make its services open to third party developers.

The agreements are the first major steps in an effort to allow the services to flourish for consumers.

They mark the first step toward a more open, collaborative internet.

“The new agreements will allow us to innovate in ways that allow us, rather than being locked into a single provider, to be more open to the world around us,” Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai said in a blog post.

“These agreements give us a platform to innovate and grow, while also providing a place where we can build out the new capabilities of the cloud.”

The agreement comes just weeks after Google and Facebook announced plans to open Google Search and Google Shopping in the United States, the world’s largest smartphone market.

The move is the first such agreement between major tech companies.

The deal comes a day after Microsoft, which was acquired by Google in 2012, announced it had agreed to pay $1 billion for the search giant.

Apple, Amazon, and other major tech firms also have deals with Google.

The agreement also will allow Google to partner with other tech and media companies on projects such as the next generation of video game consoles, the creation of a virtual reality headset, and the launch of its cloud-based video and search services.

In a separate deal, Microsoft agreed to buy Skype for $7.9 billion in cash, a deal that could help Microsoft boost its video and voice services.

The deal will close this year.

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