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Tech firms plan to hire 1,000 tech jobs as part of plan to boost job creation

Tech firms plan to hire 1,000 tech jobs as part of plan to boost job creation

Tech firms are planning to hire as many as 1,500 people as part, in part, of their plan to help the economy recover from the recent recession, according to a memo to investors sent on Tuesday.

The tech companies, including Amazon, Google and Facebook, are looking to fill at least 10,000 jobs, the memo said.

The memo was circulated to investors ahead of the company’s earnings on Wednesday.

Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft each said the hiring plans would add to the company ‘s recent hiring efforts.

But Microsoft has not yet announced any hiring announcements.

‘Flexible’ approach The memo said the companies are also considering ways to reduce or eliminate hiring, including by offering up-front severance packages.

‘We are in the process of reviewing the scope of the hiring efforts to determine whether these initiatives are necessary, flexible and appropriate for our businesses,’ the memo from Amazon, Facebook, Facebook’s parent company, said.

‘In addition to hiring, we are also exploring how to accelerate growth and enhance our capabilities to support our customers.

‘These are all areas where we believe we have room to expand and expand and grow our workforce.’

Amazon said in a statement that the company is ‘making progress’ on hiring.

‘The company continues to be focused on creating an environment that enables Amazon to deliver a great product and service,’ the statement said.

Amazon is also hiring in California and in Washington state, as well as in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Boston, according the memo.

‘Amazon has a long-standing relationship with employers across the country,’ the company said.

Google, meanwhile, said in its memo that it was looking for ’employees with experience in sales, customer service, marketing and support, or technical support who are able to work with our team members to help us develop products and services that enhance customer service.’

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