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This is what a billboard looks like on the Mall in Denver

This is what a billboard looks like on the Mall in Denver

DENVER (AP) The billboards are up in Denver, where the state’s top internet marketing company is working to boost its online presence with a new campaign.

Internet marketing firm Hallam is promoting a billboard on the interstate that says, “Hallam is the internet.

It’s not a corporation.”

It’s a direct response to President Donald Trump’s call for internet companies to “disrupt” the Trump administration.

“Hallam wants to use its clout to make sure the Trump Administration is not going to be able to destroy the internet and that they’re not going away,” the company’s president, Jim Hill, told the Associated Press on Wednesday.

Hallam, which is headquartered in Denver and has offices in New York and Washington, has been working with Denver-based Internet marketing company Denver-born company Denver Digital Media, which has been running billboards for the past several weeks.

The billboard will be up in front of the Colorado Department of Transportation, a spot that will include a quote from Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, and a photo of Hancock with an internet message.

The message will read: “Denver is the Internet.

And we’re going to stop it.

And let’s start building.”

Hancock said he’s pleased that Hallam’s advertising campaign is coming from the city.

“We’re happy for them to be a part of our city,” Hancock said.

“It’s been a challenge for them in a lot of ways to get people to understand the importance of internet, but we feel that they’ve done a great job.”

The billboards will also feature the words, “Don’t be fooled by internet marketing.”

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