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Why does this sport have a cult following?

Why does this sport have a cult following?

The internet is full of articles that claim to show the popularity of some sport or another, but they usually don’t.

A sports journalist named Paul Haggis recently came across a story about how the Rugby League World Cup in 2018 was a cult hit.

The headline was: “Rugby League World’s biggest-ever event attracts a crowd of 2.5 million people”.

The article went on to say that the Rugby Union World Cup, which was played in 2017, was the most popular event in the world for the second year in a row.

“Rugger League is a unique sport in that there is no national competition,” said Hagges.

“There are no national codes, clubs, divisions, etc. There are no fans, and no television contracts.

It is an online sport.

So, it’s like the NFL, but for Rugby League.”

He added that “it was very easy for me to be able to talk to the people in that article.

I could read their stories, and I could relate to them.

I had been to a rugby league game in the UK before, but the experience was different, because you were on the field and in the stands.

There were no flags, so you had to just walk through the crowds and talk to people.

They were all fans of the game.

I don’t think they understood that rugby league was something special.”

Haggis was one of a handful of journalists who covered the Rugby league World Cup as part of his job at the Rugby World Cup website.

He said that he did a lot of research on the sport before writing the article, and that he got to know a lot more people who were fans of rugby league.

One of his sources was a woman who worked at the BBC.

She was an avid fan of the sport, and said she wanted to know more about it.

She told Haggs that the women who worked for the BBC were the people who really cared about the sport.

She also told him that there was a “cult” of fans, which is what the BBC was trying to get people to understand.

Hargis said that the BBC article was a bit misleading, and he found that the majority of the people at the article were fans.

According to Haggies article, there were fans, but he found out that many of them were not fans of Rugby League.

Another source for his article was former BBC Sport reporter Jon Fitch, who wrote about the Rugby Premier League, and the Rugby Championship in his article.

But Fitch was not an avid rugby league fan.

He said that his favourite sport was football, but that he was not a fan of any sport.

He wrote: I’m not a rugby player, but I do enjoy watching football.

It’s just my sport.

If I wanted to get a good kick up the backside of a wall, I’d rather play rugby.

If I was in a rugby union team, I might consider it a sport.

The sport is not for me.

The game is.

Fitch also told Hargis that there were people who didn’t know much about rugby league, and who were passionate about it, but did not know what it was.

“[They] could see the potential in the game, but didn’t understand what it meant to be a rugby fan,” he wrote.

On the other hand, the website Sports Authority claimed to be one of the most-trafficked sites for rugby league fans.

It has thousands of people follow the website to find out what the biggest sports events are all about, as well as to track the success of the NRL, NRLPA, and any other NRL team.

This is what Sport Authority looked like in March 2017, and is now one of its main focuses: It has a massive amount of information, with many sections dedicated to each sport, including a section for rugby union, and a section dedicated to football.

As part of its popularity, Sport Authority also has a section that shows the biggest sporting events in the last ten years.

And as you can see in the photo above, there is a section devoted to rugby league with a lot going on, with information about every player in the competition.

Sport Authority has also put up the 2018 Rugby League Premiership, which has been around for the last six years.

It is one of Sport Authority’s biggest events, with a big chunk of the audience tuning in to see who gets the top spot.

That is one thing that is really important to Hargies article: to understand the sport so that he can write an article that will be relevant to his readership.

When Haggises article was published, it was met with a mixed response.

Some people were happy that Sport Authority had done something for the sport in 2017.

Others were unhappy.

However, one reader, a

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