Why we need the lawyer’s help in the case of the online auction site that lost the US copyright wars

Why we need the lawyer’s help in the case of the online auction site that lost the US copyright wars

A new class-action lawsuit by more than a dozen Hollywood studios and publishers against an online auction website for allegedly defrauding them of tens of millions of dollars is the latest blow to the online market.

The lawsuit, filed in New York, says that the site auctioneer was selling items illegally on its website without permission from its owners.

The defendants in the lawsuit include movie studio Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, and other big studios, as well as small players like eBay, Etsy and the internet marketing company DirectVid.

The case stems from a 2015 lawsuit filed by several of the plaintiffs, including Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Bros. over alleged copyright violations on their movies.

According to the lawsuit, the auction site’s owner,, offered the online service for $1 a day.

The site allegedly sold goods illegally to a number of studios including Sony and Universal Pictures.

The suit claims that the alleged sales were made without authorization from the studios.

It’s not the first time TheAUCTORS has faced legal troubles.

The company was hit with a class-wide lawsuit in February 2016, alleging copyright violations.

TheAuctioneer was founded in 2012 by two former eBay executives, Peter Thiel and Mike Judge.

Thiel was recently listed as an executive at the online advertising company Nextpage.

He has been outspoken against President Donald Trump and the entertainment industry, saying he supports the anti-copyright crusade of his former boss.

The suit filed by and other defendants, along with many other studios and publishing houses, is part of the wider effort to protect intellectual property and protect copyright from online piracy.

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