‘You will see the end of the world’: What we are witnessing in the Netherlands

‘You will see the end of the world’: What we are witnessing in the Netherlands

A few months ago, the world was gripped by the prospect of the global warming pandemic.

It is now, however, becoming clearer that the pandemic was not the biggest threat facing the planet.

In fact, there are indications that the end is coming, as the Netherlands has taken a much more proactive approach in combating climate change and the rising number of extreme weather events.

The Netherlands is taking action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and has made significant investments in climate mitigation and adaptation.

However, the country is still behind other major cities such as New York and London.

In a report published on Wednesday, the Netherlands National Institute of Meteorology (NOI) warned that the country will likely miss its 2030 emissions targets by at least 1.4 per cent.

The country’s emissions are still lower than the OECD average, and even more than the UK.

This is because the Netherlands is home to many other countries that have similar climate goals.

According to the NOI, the climate change impact of these other countries is less than that of the Netherlands.

For example, the average CO2 emissions per person in Sweden are 0.3 per cent lower than those in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, there is no clear trend towards reducing emissions.

For instance, the NOXIPE report suggests that the Netherlands may not reach its 2030 emission reduction target.

The NOI said that there is a risk that the Dutch will not meet their 2020 target.

The NOI also said that the EU will continue to be the EU with the highest CO2 intensity.

However this does not mean that the countries with higher CO2 intensities will necessarily continue to meet their emission reduction targets.

The United Kingdom and Denmark are the two biggest emitters of CO2 in the EU.

The Netherlands and Sweden have a similar share of emissions in terms of absolute CO2, but Denmark has a higher emissions per capita than the Netherlands and a lower share of total emissions.

The UK has the third highest CO 2 intensity in the world.

The average EU per capita CO2 is 935.7 tonnes per year, compared to the Netherlands’ 603.5 tonnes per person.

However Denmark has higher CO 2 emissions per head of population, which is 6.2 tonnes per capita.

The impact of climate change on the Dutch economyAccording to a study by the University of Amsterdam, climate change will have an impact on the economic sector.

The study said that climate change is likely to lead to a reduction in economic activity by 0.1 per cent by 2020, and a further reduction by 0,4 per year from 2020 onwards.

The researchers also estimated that by 2030, climate changes would cause a further 1.5 million jobs to be lost.

The research has been published in the journal Applied Economics Letters.

According in the study, the Dutch have seen an average reduction in their economic output of 0.4 percentage points per year between 2020 and 2030.

However the impact of the climate impact on Dutch economic activity has been much higher than the expected reduction in the UK and Denmark.

According the researchers, climate shifts have also contributed to an increase in social and political tensions.

In a report for the NOAO, the researchers said that tensions have risen in the Dutch-speaking world, with the rising popularity of climate activism, and that there are fears that climate changes could lead to increased political unrest.

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